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42 inch Pearl and Turquoise Necklace Chain by Erick Begay
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42 inch Pearl and Turquoise Necklace Chain by Erick Begay

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Code: 42PearlTQ
Price: $275.00

Designed by Erick Begay, this piece is handmade out sterling silver and very rare #8 turquoise spider web turquoise from Nevada. The chain is 42 inches long and has a lobster claw clasp, so it can be worn twice around for a different look. This piece is accented with fresh water pearl and turquoise from the Dry Creek mine.

Erick Begay is a master silversmith and goldsmith with more than 28 years experience. He is an award winning artist that has multiple awards, including the Santa Fe Indian Market. His Family has been involved in Native American Jewelry for generations. His mother, Frances Begay, taught him the art of silversmithing, while she sold it in Santa Fe. He started making jewelry when he was eleven. When he turned 16 he became a full-time jeweler. Erick only uses sterling silver, 14k gold, and the highest quality gemstones. You can rest assured that what his jewelry is 100% quality.

Dry Creek turquoise is also referred to as Godber-Burnham stones because this mine is located in Dry Creek of Austin, Nevada. It was Joe Potts, and Bob Burton who had discovered the mines back in 1932 and it had been known by names such as the “Last Chance,” “Blue Stone,” “Homesite,” and “Dry Creek.” The mine was later on sold to Frank Burnham, and then Walter Godber. Turquoise pieces mined from this area have colors which range from medium up to dark blue and sometimes have beautiful spider web patterns. This kind is also known for the black or very dark mottling it has which forms blotches as well as veins visible on the stone. Turquoise from this area is considered as one of the high-quality pieces and from Oscar Branson’s book called “Turquoise” it was stated that Dry Creek turquoise pieces are “so hard and compact” and that these are also some of the all-time finest turquoise pieces which originate from Nevada.

Number 8 turquoise comes from Eureka County, Nevada’s Lynn mining district. Although the mine is now considered as depleted, there are quite a lot of Number 8 turquoise pieces available through private collections or other holdings. It was in 1929 when Earl Buffington first had the claim to this property but it had been transferred to other owners such as Ted Johnson, Doc Wilson, Myron Clark, Lee Hand, the Edgar brother, and Dowell Ward—all of whom are important figures in the Nevada turquoise production history. The colors of this turquoise come in varied shades, some being light blue or some in green and dark blue. The matrices of these pieces are either black, gold, red, or brown. Among these kinds, the most valued ones are those with the black and red matrices. Apart from the beauty of the Number 8 turquoise, the mine is also known for the large nuggets that come from the area. In 1954, three miners discovered one which was 150 lbs!

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